Elgg with rel=nofollow for all links to kickoff spammers.

Spammers are one of the biggest problem for web applications. All major platforms like joomal, drupal, pligg and obviously elgg are suffering with these spammers. So all such platforms have their own way to deal with spammers. What elgg was missing to have "rel=nofollow" for all external links and some basic antispam features.

  • External links with "rel=nofollow".
  • Re-post limit in specific time interval.
  • Take predefined action who is trying to cross defined constraints.

We introduced our "izap-antispam" plugin Which has all these great value features to protect elgg from spammers. Now bots are not able to post contents above the defined limit. And our system take predefined action (ban, delete, logout) to control them.

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