Tips to start or complete modern writing


There are a lot of articles on this topic, as many recommendations and dozens, hundreds, thousands of schemes, tables and themes very light and convincing. True, some are useful and even worth reading if you really want to learn to write or perfect your working method. says that modern writing implies an irrevocable pact between author and reader, everyday life having a strong footprint in the foundations of human nature. Modern writing is best seen in this. Every time, or in most cases, the authors leave the impression of word purification, interrupted discourse, abundant mediocrity, then fall into the abyss of light and return; All sorts of vertical issues that apply in everyday life. They are understood every time or in depth. Or we are here to talk about writing!

I will continue to deal with the problem of writing in a simple and agreeable way, using the prerequisites of other writers:

Be simple!

The first option in the art of modern writing is to be simple and to write! Think constantly that you are the one who reads. You are a sort of "scribe reader"! The simpler you write, the more you will leave the impression of being a master of yourself, what can be expressed briefly, succinctly, but with an ample and modernist language.

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