Fitness for Eyes

Fitness for eyes, like any kind of gymnastics, are beneficial only if performed regularly with all the rules and for a long time. They are aimed at training, strengthening and relaxing the eye muscles, either at rest or on the contrary, experiencing high loads (for example, when working at a computer). You can use tips given b Canada pharmacy for improving your eyesight or finding a lot of effective free eye exercises online. This will help you in the prevention of eye diseases. Remember that one should not do many repetitions at one time: performing eye health gymnastics for 2-3 sets during the day. In the intervals between repetitions, it is recommended to blink rapidly, it helps reduce the loading on the eye muscles.



Such an exercise helps to relax the muscles and neck. Their overstrain leads to a violation of the correct blood supply, which is harmful to health. This exercise is recommended for eye health in the sitting position. But this is not an obligatory requirement. First, you need to relax, closing your eyes. Imagine a handle attached to the tip of your nose. It is important that you do not strain your eyes. Start moving an imaginary handle in the air, as if you are drawing or writing.


To perform this exercise you need to relax and sit up straight. Cover your eyes with your hands so that the center of your right palm is at the level of the right pupil. This condition must also be observed on the left side. Do not put your hands on your face. Fingers can be crossed on the forehead or placed side by side - do as comfortable. Only, there should not be "sports" that let light through. Check that you follow all the rules. Now lower your eyelids. Your eyes are not only closed but also additionally protected by the palms, which contributes to complete relaxation.


Bend your arms in the elbows, while the palms with fingers spread wide should be located below eye level. Then gently turn your head to the left and to the right, while looking into the distance through your fingers. Do not hold your eyes on specific objects. When the exercise is performed correctly, it seems that your hands are moving. Make 3 turns, alternately opening and closing your eyes. Repeat 20-30 times. In this case, breathe freely and relaxed. Children can arrange a physical exercise, which will help in the game form to quickly relieve tension.


When performing this eye exercise, you need to make the following movements by eyeballs 7 times: up-down, left-right, straight-up-right-down, right-left-right-right. Next, look at the upper left corner of the room and smoothly move your eyes to the bottom right and vice versa. Repeat each movement 7 times. You cannot do this very quickly. For a better effect, image a fantasy while performing this exercise - describe by looking at the semicircles, various geometric figures or simply chaotic turning eyeballs, while ensuring that you see a clear image. If you come across with the problem this gymnastics doesn't help you may buy eye drops with no scripts at personal website of Canadian Pharmacy. Your eye condition will be improved.


This complex of gymnastics for the eyes includes the performance of circular motions. During the exercise, you need to keep your head in a steady state for your eyesight. Imagine a large dial before you. Take your time slowly by looking at its circle first clockwise, and then against it, marking each digit. It is important that the line drawn by the eye does not break off and it turns out to be even. With each training, the radius of the imaginary circle should be gradually increased. In the end, blinking calmly.


In this case, it is necessary to observe the obligatory condition: keep the head in a stationary state and move only with the eyes. Smoothly describe the horizontal "eight" or the question mark with a glance so that the pattern created in the air should have the largest possible size. However, the eye muscles should not be overstrained. Carry out movements several times, changing directions.


To perform this exercise, raise any small object (for example, the tip of the ballpoint pen) as close to the eye as possible to improve vision. Make sure that all of its details are clearly visible. Keep your eye on the object for a while. In this case, the circular and oblique muscles of the eye are extremely strained, with the correct performance of this exercise, the convexity of the lens and the lengthening of the eyeball should reach a maximum value. Now relax your eyes.


Glue a cycle on a window with a diameter of 3-5 mm. It should be placed at a distance of 30-35 cm from the face at eye level. Find any remote object (pillar, tree, etc.) that enters the area of the circle, and alternately shift the gaze from it to this object and back. Another variant of such visual gymnastics for the eyes: for 10 seconds, look intently at the distant object in the window, then look at the palm or wrist. Repeat 15 times.


When doing this exercise to train the eyes, you need to focus your eyes on the finger, located at a distance of 40-50 cm from the face. Then alternately bring it closer and move it to the distance of the outstretched hand. It is important to bring the finger so close that the pattern on the surface of the skin is clearly visible. Such a complex of exercises for the eyes must be repeated 10 times. In this case, the finger should be moved in the following directions: left-right, diagonally from right to left and from left to right.

Such exercises may help people even with a good vision. If you have already faced the visual problems you are welcome to visit pharmstore to find the right eye drops.

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