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HP printer goes sleep mode-automatically how to fix it and why it happens

When HP printer is kept idle for some time it automatically goes into sleep mode. The printer uses lower power when no one uses it. However, when a print command is sent to the printer, then it comes back to its normal working state. While the printer is in sleep mode, the display of the control panel becomes dark and the power light gets dim.

Normally every HP printer has this function inbuilt which is known as sleep mode. The sleep mode gets activated when the printer is on but it has been not given any print command for some time. This will make the printer go into standby mode when no one is using it. To bring to its normal state you are required to give it a print command. If you are not using it then it is better to turn it off then to let it go in the sleep mode. Also, you can consult the tech persons available at the HP Printer Support Number.

There is no option to disable the sleep mode as it keeps the printer on using less power. The only thing you can do is to keep giving it print commands. The sleep mode activates when there is no task for the printer to do and it slowly starts dozing off. It automatically becomes active again as and when a command is given.

To avoid the HP printer going into the sleep mode you are required to give a print command before it starts sleeping. This is not any kind of default in the HP printers and there is nothing much you can do to fix it. It is only a temporary state and during this state, the printer doesn’t get switched off. The idle time needs to be minimized for your printer if you want to avoid it going into sleep mode. HP Customer Support is also available if you have any type of confusions about your HP printer.

Decreasing the inactive time of your printer will definitely keep it awake and prevent it from going into the sleep mode. Moreover, this is not an issue which needs to be resolved. It is only an added feature of your printer. In case if you have any other issues with your HP printer and need any technical help then calling at HP Tech Support Phone Number will help.

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