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How to Create Reports and Graphs for Your Quicken Information?

Quicken is one of the personal and professional financial tools to assist you in managing your finances. Apart from tracking your regular expenses and investments, Quicken also allows you to create reports or graphs. By creating reports and graphs you can easily track the flow of your financial belongings at regular intervals and there is no need to go through the complete calculation. Also, it is very easy to create reports and graphs for your Quicken information using the Quicken tools. If you need any sort of help for this purpose then you can call at the Quicken Phone Number for instant help.


To create reports and graphs for your Quicken information, follow the given steps:

  • Open Quicken account on your system. From the options given you can select Reports option. A number of standard reports are available there. From there you can select one of the standard options or you can also go to the Reports and Graph center.

  • Next, from the Quicken Standard Reports, select the section you want for your reports.

  • Select the report you want from the list given and then from the settings you can make the adjustments as per your requirement to create an effective report.

  • Choose the details you want to add in the report or graph. If you want to set the range of date then you can select the Custom dates and add the required one. The date range is used to control which transactions are used by Quicken for creating reports or graphs.

After creating the reports or graphs you can customize it by making the necessary adjustments. Quicken 2019 Support is also available if you need any help. 

To customize your Reports and Graphs, you can follow the give steps:

  • Click on customize to modify your reports or graphs for the categories like Accounts, Categories, and Payees etc.

  • To display the report or graph, click on Show Report or Show Graph. However, only limited reports have the show graph option.

  • Click on save the report to save the created reports and graphs.

  • My Saved Reports, you can see all the saved reports. You can right-click on the report to view other options.

  • You can also use several other options for the generated reports such as print, export the report, save and find and replace.

  • To add or remove something from your Quicken, you can customize the information page, its layout and the date range for your Quicken reports and graphs as follows:

  1. Click on the Display option on the report or graph you want to customize.

  2. Now select Customize and choose the report dates.

  3. From the given categories like Display, Accounts, Categories, Payees, Tags, Category Groups, Security Types, Investing Goal, select any one of them you want to change.

  4. After making the changes, click ‘Ok’ and then click ‘Save’ to save the changes.

For further information or help and support, directly call at the Quicken Customer Care Number.

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