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Passcodes are important for the security of your devices against theft and unauthorized permission. It helps you to keep your personal data and information secure, and also protects your privacy and personal space. Speaking of which, Apple products and devices also come with the feature to create passcodes all for the same reason. But sometimes it so happens that these passcodes are forgotten by the owner or customer and hence they are not able to access their devices since the passcode does not work. When a problem like this happens you should contact Apple customer service number, but since you are already reading this blog, you can find the solution for this problem here. This blog will provide you with a comprehensive detail and explanation on how you can carry out the steps that are needed when your passcode does not work.

When you have forgotten your Apple passcode you can remove it by using the iPhone and the Apple watch. But you have to set up your Apple watch again after removing the passcode. The following steps will show you how to proceed with this method:

  • Ø Firstly, keep the iPhone and watch together until you have completed the steps.
  • Ø Now, on your Apple watch, go to ‘my watch tab’.
  • Ø Tap on ‘general’ and under this, select ‘reset’.
  • Ø Now you need to tap on ‘erase apple watch content and setting’ and after that, select ‘confirm’. You could be asked to enter your Apple ID, so make sure to enter it.
  • Ø For those of you with apple watch series 3 and apple watch series 4, either choose to ‘keep’ or ‘remove’ your cellular plan.
  • Ø Wait for the entire process to get over. After that, you must set up your watch. Now restore from a backup.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have a paired iPhone, you can use your watch to remove the passcode. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Ø Before you begin, keep your watch in charge until the steps are done.
  • Ø Locate the side button on your watch and press it till you see the ‘power off’ sign.
  • Ø Now press the power off slider and tap on ‘erase all content and setting’.
  • Ø Wait for it to finish and reset your Apple watch and restore.

Keep these steps in mind or refer back to this blog the next time you face the same problem. If faced with any technical problem during the process, contact Apple technical support to avail help from certified employees.


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