Pluginlotto with lot's of thoughts about elgg.

Right now i am feeling very proud during writing this post. PluginLotto, this was my dream project [Now it comes true:)]. I had lot's of thought about social networking but was looking for script like elgg. I got that, and did so much work on elgg platform since elgg1.0 version. Not only for our commercial client, i also tried my best to serve elgg community with the best what i can provide. "izap_videos" plugin success is an example of that. Well during this time, i enjoyed my work and always tried to get it improve as much as possible. Now using pluginlotto, we will provide our expert service to elgg community.

In pluginlotto, we have implemented "Store of luck", quite unique store where we will sell our product at your lucky price. Every user will have different price of every product. Yes, all products will be at quite reasonable price. Because system will choose price value from a particular range.

Other exciting feature in pluginlotto is to have the opportunity to get all rights of the script via "Ideas". Here we will post our idea for a plugin, user would be supposed to bid on our idea "Definitely they can also suggest their own approaches". And winner will be get whole script. We will not release such plugins to the community.

I have lot's of more interesting issues to discuss with you. But right now here is 1:50AM and my bed need me badly now ;). I would like to Thanks to elgg team to make such a wonderful product and definitely to iZAP Team who made this PluginLotto possible.

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